Louise DiamondLace

Seriously though, FOLLOWING THIS BLOG IS POINTLESS, to be blunt.

Much love!

- Louise

Let us make an updated list of all my blogs.


Main & personal blog: http://www.clematispassiflora.tumblr.com

Vintage erotica blog: http://www.antiquatedlust.tumblr.com

Blog for the deliciously dark, medical, and macabre: http://www.thedeadanddeceased.tumblr.com

Blog for faerie, magick, enchantment, and Wicca: http://www.offaeriesandfawns.tumblr.com


This blog happens to be here for the purpose of accident. I do not post on this blog regularly. If a new post arises, it is not because I am actually using this blog. It is purely accidental. IF YOU FOLLOW THIS BLOG I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU FOLLOW MY REAL ONE. ‘CLEMATISPASSIFLORA.TUMBLR.COM’ 

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- Louise.

This blog was created on accident. So everything ‘accidental’ goes here. I cannot delete it, or it will delete my whole account. SO FOLLOW THAT BLOG NOT THIS ONE!

Pllleeease and thank you! :)